I’m Alexander Verhaeghe, born in 2004. I really like to design prints and I found it a challenge to run a business.

I wanted to give a meaning for what I do. I went searching for an original name which encompasses exploring the world, adventure and ecology.
Sports are my main focus today, but everybody can define his/her own meaning to 'ROAM'.

Free to wander the world is only possible with respect for your surroundings. Therefore we chose to support theoceancleanupfund and our clothing is made out of bio cotton and according to the fair wear rules.

I also think local production is the key to sustainable entrepreneurship. I'm proud to say all our products are designed and printed in Belgium.


From the start we set out to change the way we live in our world.
Therefore we choose to donate 10% of our profits to theoceancleanup.com

As plastic gets thrown away it becomes a serious problem in our oceans.
This plastic floats and pollutes our oceans, we want to ROAM in a plastic free world!
The Ocean Cleanup’s goal is to conduct the largest cleanup in history using a mobile passive system that could remove about half of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in 5 years.
Durable clothing with a message, you can be part of it.

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